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Published on May 22nd, 2013 | by Pascucci Caffee


GAIA kohvimasin

Price 1.987 eur + k.m.



230 Vac – 50 Hz / 120 Vac – 60 Hz


All the electrical components are supplied at 24 Vdc

with the exception of the boiler

resistance that is at 230 Vac – 50 Hz or 120 Vac – 60 Hz


1500W espresso version. Additional boiler: 700W – 180cc

for high performances (long beverages).

2000W instant version


Fitting connection = 3/8’’.

Water pressure = 0,5 – 6,5 bar


Water system supply kit. Lighted delivery area. Telemetry

kit (GPRS modem with antenna + clock chip). Front

panel pre-setted for validator assembly is available.


Autonomous tank capacity: 3,6 L easily extractable and

possibility of external access water filling with the door closed.



Gaia,automatic hot beverage machine, available both in espresso coffee from beans and instant beverage versions with three product containers and 8 push buttons and can be used in the most varied locations, hotels, restaurants and offices. Also we have a 1kg coffee beans for this automatic machine.Equipped with: big dispensing compartment (170mm) able to accommodate both small espresso cups (with pivoting espresso cup holder), big cups, mugs or a jug; ergonomic and intuitive selection panel and back lighted push buttons.On top the door for water tank filling and a front lock for the functional closing of the machine.

The front panel offers excellent branding opportunities.Hygienic, because designed especially to be positioned in furnished environments it has a tray on the bottom that simplifies the cleaning of eventual waste materials. Upon request there is also the possibility to add a pipe for the draining of the coffee grounds.

Available in water supply system version or with the capacious 3.6 liter autonomous tank.

Liquid waste tray: 1L easily extractable with visible signal for maximum water level.

Coffee waste tray: 60 pods with automatic block of the machine at reaching of maximum coffee waste level.



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